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Punka Pacific

Punka Pacific Punka Pacific Punka Pacific

Leash Guard®

From $3.99, plus shipping

Now available in two lengths, 20" and 36".

Great for training! Saves money on replacement leashes. Use it over chain leashes to protect your dogs teeth.

Sherman, our golden retriever has a serious leash chewing habit. After he chewed through his third leash in a year I went to the garage to find something cheaper than a new leash.

The Leash Guard® is very tough but not indestructible. It took Sherman over 8 months to get through his first Leash Guard even while being encouraged to chew on it. It does give the handler ample time to get the leash away from the dog before the leash is damaged. Your dog will respond better to your training when you are calm and patient.

Sherman’s Leash Guard® is made of fire hose (woven polyester with rubber lining). Simply slide Sherman’s Leash Guard® over your pet’s leash for puppy protection.

The Sherman Leash Guard® is approximately 20” and 36" long. Slide the guard over your leash so that the grommets are at the base of the clip. Install the zip-tie (included) to keep the leash guard in place. Wrap the zip-tie twice through the leash clip for extra srong hold.

Leash protection, great for leash training, dog leash protector, protects your leash form dogs who chew on their leashes.